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I am excited that you are here and looking forward to our session together! Old Dubai is a special place for me and I hope after our photo walk there, it will be a special one for you too!

I have made a list of a few details to keep in mind before and during the session, so take a moment to go through them and let me know if you have any questions:


What to wear 1

Old Dubai offers an amazing backdrop of beautiful soft colours which goes lovely with almost any clothing. However, I have found out that rich brown, orange and green colours work the best and pop up nicely. You can match these with plain grey, off white or pastel tops. Think of a beautiful dress for you and then build the outfits of the other family members around it. Add hats, scarves or suspenders as accessories. They always add a nice and interesting touch to a photo!

what to wear 2

If you are a very colourful person, please go ahead and choose a bright and colour rich outfit but make sure the rest of the family are wearing something plain that will not compete with it. Stay away from big stripes and dots and big logos or any text. They tend to draw the eye and steal the attention from what is important in the image. Very dark clothes (black or dark blue) get stained by the dust the walls let off, so try to avoid them.

What to Bring 3

Make sure you have water with you and some light snacks for the kids and maybe their favourite cuddly toy. Try to leave all other stuff in the car.

what to leave 4

A stroller and bulky bags will only slow us down and will keep getting in the frame. A small bag that can fit everything you need is ideal.

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I hope these FEW points are helpful. If you have any questions, let me know!