It is our daughter's 8th birthday today (happy birthday, Raya!) and what a better day to share with you the album I talked about recently in my Facebook post. The pictures were taken at Raya's 6th birthday in Singapore where we spent some unforgettable time at Universal Studios. They quietly stayed in a box for two years but here they are now - all arranged and ready for her to keep and enjoy later on. She might not appreciate them now but one day, I am sure, she will. 

All I used was a ready-made scrapbook album (I wish it did not come with all the designs but it has many pockets for additional images which is totally awesome), washi tape to stick the pictures (no need to cut, just tear it and stick and if you need to remove the picture, you can since the washi tape does not stick super firmly to tear the page and photo) and some die cut shapes (which I already had, so why not use to cheer things up).

If I did not stop to take pictures and a little someone had not come to "help" me, it would have taken me less than an hour to arrange and stick the images and put some notes. So go ahead and try it and one day you will be happy you took the time to do it. Take my word.

You can use the same concept when creating your albums that come with my M is for Mama package.