Back in November, I took the kids and set off on a sweet little trip to Ella's Creamery in Riverland, Dubai Parks and Resorts. I am not usually the type of person to drive 70 km for an ice cream and coffee, but in this case I did and did it with excitement. 

I came to know about Ella's Creamery through my instagram account and I was really intrigued by its 1960's old charm, gorgeous interior and soft pastel colours (beautiful light too, I must say). It is a place you don't often see in Dubai and this is what made me visit in the first place, followed by my secret plan to scout the location ahead of our long-waited family visit in February :).

It was a quiet morning and we enjoyed the warm hospitality of the staff all to ourselves. Raya and Alex tried the ice creams, while I sipped the cutest cappuccino in town and enjoyed my time capturing some personal memories (I took the chance to get in a frame too!). 

We will be back in February, when I am sure it will be super busy with kids and parents indulging in Ella's treats before or after their visit to Motiongate!