Probably I should start with what is lifestyle photography. There are many ways to describe it and every photographer has their own twist on it. For me, lifestyle photography is a way of capturing life in a natural yet beautiful and artistic way. It is seeing the beauty of simple everyday moments and capturing genuine emotions by anticipating and encouraging them instead of posing and staging. The session is personal and relaxed as it involves activities that you love and enjoy. We'll talk and laugh, whisper and walk and soon enough you will forget that I am even there and that's when the magic of lifestyle photography happens. The lifestyle approach results in more images as it aims to tell a story and every story needs the whole picture as well as the details to be complete and engaging. I create galleries that are emotive and unique to each family, images with a personal touch that will speak to your heart and will bring you back in time to experience those moments again.


WHAT TO EXPECT during the session?

Snuggle, connect, enjoy quality time with your family and leave the rest to me. Prepare well for the session, read through my guide but don't over stress. I will be there to guide you and make sure I capture all moments in the best way and light. While I don't strictly pose families, I always give a starting point and something to talk about or get engaged in. Talk, movement, tickles, they take away the stress of being in front of the big camera. I will place you in good light and will guide you, but don't expect me to ask you or your children to say cheese and smile at me. As a mother of two, I have seen it all - the calm and the storm, so I won't expect your children to "behave" and follow every single prompt we give them. My approach with kids is simple - I follow their lead and it always works. 


WHAT WILL I GEt after the session?

The number of digital images you will receive depends on the session you have selected. You can expect at least 30 edited images for my smallest sessions (Maternity and Mama and Me) and a minimum of 50 edited files for Simply Newborn and Family. All images come with a print release for personal use in a beautiful web gallery for you to download and a slideshow to share with family and friends. If you have selected a photo book collection, you will also receive a beautiful book with hard cover, full book sleeve and 50 pages filled with your favourite photos. 


Will my gallery include Black and White photos?

Yes! I love black and white photos and I select a number of images to edit in black and white. I do not convert each and every image in black and white, simply because some images are meant to be in colour and others - in black and white. 



Oh, yes! I am glad you asked because I love these images. They are the ones that help tell the story and make it more personal. 



Family sessions take around an hour on average, while newborn sessions are a bit longer to allow for enough time for feeding, changing and soothing. Four days after the session I will send you a sneak peek with a selection of some of my favourite images from your session and the full gallery will be delivered within two weeks via a password protected online gallery. 



Once you book your session, you will get access to my sessions guide which includes tips on how to prepare and what to wear. Review the guide and if you need help and advice on the clothing or any other questions, I am here to help. 



It is easy. Just drop me a message and let me know about your family and the moments you would love to remember and we will take it from there.