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There is really not much to prepare for your Fresh 48 session but there are certainly some details to keep in mind before and during the session, so here they come:

Communication 1

Unless the delivery is with a planned C-section, we can’t really schedule a particular date in advance, so I will ask you to keep me updated with the latest news about the expected delivery date. It will be also great if you/your husband could drop me a quick message when you head to the hospital, if possible. This way I will know that I must make myself available to visit you in the next couple of days.

timing 2

We will meet in the morning at a time when you can arrange for your other family members to be there. If there is a sibling, I will arrive 20 minutes before them so I can take some photos of the baby alone and prepare to capture the big sister or brother entering the room and meeting the baby for the first time.

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What to wear | baby 3

The baby will be swaddled for the most part of the session, so they are warm and cosy. No dresses, shoes or pants and shirts, please. I know they are super cute but chances are they won’t fit well and baby might not feel comfortable. Less is truly more for Fresh 48 and the moments we want to capture. For baby girls, I can bring some very simple headbands, just let me know.

what to wear | family 4

As with all sessions, try to avoid bright colours and big logos. They tend to draw the eye and steal the attention from what is important in the image. The session is in the hospital so a night gown, t-shirt or casual shirt work best for mum. Dad and siblings can wear anything that matches mum’s outfit in colour. Soft, natural colours work best.

I hope these FEW points are helpful. If you have any questions, let me know!