1 | What is FRESH 48? 

Fresh 48 is a newborn photo shoot held in your hospital room within the first two days of delivery. It is a quick and easy-to- schedule session that results in an emotive and beautiful gallery of precious memories. Just hold your baby close, breathe them in and feel their freshness and all the emotions that come with it. The rest is my job. And I do it with all my heart because I believe in the power of these photographs. I believe that one day they can take you back to that morning in your Dubai hospital room and I believe that your child would love to see and have them too.

Take a peak into this beautiful Fresh 48 session to get a better idea of how the session can look and feel:

2 | How long does FRESH 48 take?

Fresh 48 takes less than an hour to shoot. I aim to finish in 45 minutes and try my best not to exceed this time and tire you. I have been there and I know how it feels. And I admire every mother who has the determination and strength to do a Fresh 48 session. I really do.

3 | How to prepare for FRESH 48?

This is one of the best parts! Fresh 48 does not require preparation apart from deciding on the time to meet for the session so that all family members can be present. You don’t have to tidy up, dress up or pose for me and you certainly don’t even have to get out of bed if you can’t. I have prepared a short guide for the session with a few guidelines to keep in mind and you will get it as soon as you book your Fresh 48 session.

Harlow_sneak peek_03.jpg

FRESH 48 is an emotional experience that offers so much more than beautiful photos.

It captures those first moments that often remain in a blur and all the little things that we want to remember forever.

You have this one chance to capture them so do it now.

For you and for your baby.


FRESH 48 | 2,000 AED 

50+ edited digital files

online gallery to download your HIgh resolution and web images

beautiful slideshow with licensed music to enjoy and share

FRESH 48 mini | 1,400 AED 

20 edited digital files

online gallery to download your HIgh resolution and web images

*A deposit of 600 AED is required to book your preferred date.