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There are so many opportunities for fun photos during the summer - when visiting exciting and exotic new places or just exploring and re-discovering your favourite spots. Wherever you are this summer, make it an adventure. It’s your family adventure, even if it is just a walk in the nearby field! Be enthusiastic about it and let your enthusiasm spread. Get ready, pack a picnic, set a goal, make it interesting for them and for you, the family historian. Use the beautiful scenery around you to show how small the kids are. Let them walk freely around and follow them. Capture their amusement when exploring. Take photographs of their faces but don’t forget that sometimes a faceless photo speaks louder. Pick wild flowers and fruit or try new tastes and smells. Document it all. Look for movement and interesting moments. Take plenty of shots and also be sure to pass the camera to someone else, so one day the kids will know that you were on this trip too and you looked gorgeous.

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No one feels comfortable staring in the camera. Well, maybe professional models do but for the rest of us, we need something to keep us busy and this is especially true for kids. Smiling at the camera for more than a minute is plain boring, so find a way to make it fun. You don’t need the kids to grin at you. Get their genuine smiles and laughter when they do what excites them. Get them on the trampoline, push the swing higher and higher, spin it if you have to. Photograph the kids when climbing or hanging from trees, when making flips and pull ups, spray them with the hose or throw over flower petals or grass. Let them scream from joy and photograph away. These are the photos that you need. Create an experience they will truly enjoy and one day will look at the photos and talk about your summers together with a smile.

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Who doesn’t like a treat, especially a refreshing one on a hot summer day? Offer ice cream, watermelon slice or apple and why not a tomato freshly picked from the garden. If you are out, carry some snacks with you and offer a snack break. The kids will be busy enjoying it and you can grab a ton of cute photos and many details.

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And remember, the best camera is the one you have with you! Grab your phone or camera and photograph your summer. It will be summer again this time next year, but it will all be different and you will have missed all the sweet moments that unfold today.

Capture the fun of summer of 2019.


Lidiya xx